They're Saving the Species We Love

Thank these wildlife heroes in honor of World Ranger Day

Armed with drones and helicopters to scour the landscape from above, poachers think no hiding place is too obscure for them — and that they can get away with slaughtering wildlife...

Until they meet their match in a brave wildlife ranger. From fighting ruthless poachers to enduring harsh climatic conditions, the job of a wildlife ranger is dangerous, technical, and never-ending. But they do it, day in and day out, to save elephants, rhinos, gorillas, lions, and more. And now, as parks and conservation programs are struggling financially during the COVID-19 lockdowns, rangers are still on the frontlines making sure wildlife is never left unprotected.

It's time to tell these brave men and women they're heroes! Send a thank you note to show your appreciation for all that they do. It takes less than a minute!

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