Ask Congress to save the world's most threatened wildlife

With dangerously low numbers, these species need your voice.

African penguins, Ethiopian wolves, African wild dogs, and countless other imperiled species desperately need you to speak up for them today!

They may not be lions, rhinos, or elephants – but that's precisely why they need your help right now.

Cuts to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service budget left thousands of some of the world's most threatened species without crucial protections.

The Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Act would reestablish this program to provide funding for projects designed to conserve animals that are threatened or endangered in the wild.

The answer is clear: the U.S. House of Representatives MUST pass this vital act to save Ethiopian wolves, wild dogs, and other threatened species.

We need 50,000 wildlife advocates like you to stand up for these endangered species. With you, we can and will save them from extinction. Will your name be on our petition?

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Blink and they could be gone.
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