Limited time only: Million Dollar Match

If we don't act now, then the next generation won't have to imagine a world without elephants... they'll be living in it. Fortunately—your wildlife saving power is worth double right now. 

For a limited time, your gift will double in value helping the African Wildlife Foundation lead the global effort to stop the slaughter of African elephants and other species. Join us now and together we can: 

  • Stop 2X the killing by expanding on-the-ground anti-poaching efforts;
  • Stop 2X the trafficking by deploying more sniffer dogs and training more law enforcement;
  • Stop Stop 2X the demand by increasing awareness among more consumers.

Don't let Africa's wildlife become history. Give now while every one dollar you give is worth two! 

Minimum payment $5.00.
Minimum payment $5.00.
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