Breaking: Rakuten bans ivory sales

Elephant lovers like you are helping close down ivory markets. Thank you!

On July 6, 2017, Japanese giant Internet retailer, Rakuten, announced that it was banning the sale of ivory on its site with trading to be phased out over the next month.

The move came following mounting international criticism of the trade and sweeping public support for a policy change, including over 36,500 messages sent to Rakuten's president urging the closure of the platform’s ivory sales as part of AWF’s campaign.

If you sent a message, thank you! It’s because of advocates like you that we’re one step closer to ending the demand for ivory.

AWF commends the e-commerce retailer for its commitment to protecting elephants, and celebrates this big win for conservation organizations fighting to combat illegal wildlife trade. The new policy is also anticipated to have a significant impact on the market, which has seen a surge in demand for ivory over the past 10 years.

Thank you again for making your voice heard to stop poaching and save elephants.

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