You can save elephants from extinction

You can save elephants from extinction

In honor of the groundbreaking Serengeti television series, Discovery and African Wildlife Foundation have teamed up to celebrate the Serengeti and bring awareness to the threats facing the wildlife species — like elephants — that call it home.

Humans are the biggest threat to the world’s largest land mammal. Elephants' large ivory tusks have long been coveted by people — and as a result up to 35,000 elephants are poached yearly to feed the insatiable demand for their ivory.

That’s why we need your help more than ever to protect them from poachers and traffickers. You can make a difference by donating to African Wildlife Foundation today.

AWF supports nearly half of all Africa’s elephants, and over 70% of the populations AWF protects are stable or increasing. AWF works tirelessly every day to ensure the long-term survival of this iconic species by deploying canine detection units to find wildlife products, training and equipping wildlife rangers, collaborating with local communities to set aside safe habitats and wildlife corridors, and working with governments worldwide to close ivory markets.

Join the movement by making a gift today to help save Africa’s elephants and other iconic species from extinction.


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