Help AWF and Arvid Norquist save Africa’s elephants

Nearly 100 elephants are killed each day by greedy poachers hoping to get their hands on priceless ivory.

AWF’s work focuses on several key areas, including:

  • Creating alternative livelihoods to poaching for local people;
  • Providing increased training to rangers in order to protect wildlife from ;
  • Training canine detection units to detect smuggled wildlife products at airports and seaports;
  • Increasing public awareness in countries where there´s a high demand for ivory

When your company makes a donation you will receive:

  • A confirmation through email (within 7 days);
  • A certificate/diploma of your donation;
  • Your company name on Arvid Nordquist website. Donations over 1000 USD will also have a link to your website and for donations over 2000 USD your logo will be displayed.
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    Minimum payment $10.00.
    Minimum payment $10.00.
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