COVID-19 is threatening wildlife and protected-area funding. Add your name now to ensure we don’t lose these natural wonders!

Social distancing is critical to fighting the pandemic. But it presents unintended — and unavoidable — consequences to lions, elephants, and other threatened species that call one of Africa’s 8,400 protected areas home.

As tourism disappears, so does the budgeted revenue from the safaris industry dedicated to wildlife protection and protected areas management. Sadly, beloved species and those who safeguard them will pay the price for the decline.

Add your name to show support for:

  • Africa’s already-threatened wildlife that relies on protected areas for safe habitat
  • The health of some of the world’s most biodiverse habitats
  • And the people who rely on sustainable nature tourism for their livelihoods

Take action today to secure their future tomorrow! On behalf of Africa’s iconic species, thank you for your continued support in this difficult time. AWF will continue fighting for our mission because of you.