Africa’s wildlife needs global action today!

Wildlife trafficking is a sophisticated, multi-billion-dollar industry decimating millions of species each year. Africa’s wildlife needs global support to survive this crisis.

Thankfully, governments worldwide are joining the fight to stop wildlife trafficking, and they’re shutting down markets for wildlife products. In recent years, consumer countries like the United Kingdom, China, and the United States have implemented ivory bans; and the United States just passed the RAWR Act — a new bill that will fight wildlife trafficking — supported by African Wildlife Foundation, our dedicated wildlife advocates, and conservation partners.

AWF's dedicated community of wildlife advocates sent members of Congress more than 70,000 messages in support of this legislation, which modifies an existing U.S. State Department rewards program to incentivize individuals with insider knowledge of criminal wildlife trafficking syndicates to share that information with law enforcement.

We need more countries to take notice and step up to protect Africa’s most threatened species from extinction.

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