Mountain gorillas are at a critical turning point

Pledge to protect them from habitat loss, hunters, and human-borne illness.

Caught in the crosshairs of human conflict, this great ape's habitat and chances of survival are at risk... especially in the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. They're losing habitat because of illegal resource extraction and human encroachment. They're vulnerable to bushmeat hunters' traps. And these great apes are susceptible to human diseases, meaning our health and their health are connected.

Mountain gorillas are endangered, and just over 1,000 remain today. It's up to us to save these gentle giants – and we need you to join our pledge now!

We must protect mountain gorillas in a holistic way that benefits humans and ecosystems. We must advocate for habitat conservation, provide extra resources for rangers, and encourage transboundary collaboration. And, we must acknowledge that their health and ours are intertwined by enacting safety measures that prevent human-transmitted outbreaks. We know these safeguards work, and they won't happen without your commitment.

Our fates are inseparable. We must commit to a future that benefits mountain gorillas, ecosystems, and communities alike. Healthy ecosystems depend on these mammals. They depend on our protection from hunters and habitat loss. And we both depend on minimizing unsafe contact with these creatures that can make them sick. If you support this future, add your name as 1 of 50,000 wildlife advocates now.