Mountain gorillas are on the edge of extinction

Pledge to protect them while they're still here to save.

They're losing their habitat because of illegal resource extraction, political instability, and human encroachment. They can fall victim to bushmeat hunters' traps. And they're also vulnerable to human-borne diseases like COVID-19 and Ebola.

Mountain gorillas are endangered, and just over 1,000 remain today. It's up to us to save these gentle giants!

This majestic species faces threats from all fronts... and so do the rangers who protect them. In January, six park rangers were killed in Virunga National Park, where violent attacks are on the rise.

And with cuts to conservation funding because of the pandemic, the situation is bleak. It's why we need you to join our pledge now!

We must protect mountain gorillas at all costs. We must advocate for habitat conservation, provide extra resources for rangers, and encourage transboundary collaboration. It won't happen without your commitment. Take action — add your name as 1 of 50,000 wildlife advocates now!