Say thanks to a wildlife ranger!

Who’s braver than a wildlife ranger?

These conservation leaders are protectors, community liaisons, naturalists, and even medics. The role of this job is demanding, dangerous, and never-ending, but they do it all to save elephants, rhinos, gorillas, lions, and their vulnerable habitats – maintaining balance in the ecosystems that underpin local economies and human well-being. A growing number are women who are inspired to take a leading role in the protection of the planet for future generations. 

“I chose to be an eco-guard because I play the role of species protector, [conserving] both fauna and flora and maintaining the stability of nature as well as life on earth,” says Kubate Nyelepasi Marie, an eco-guard at the Bili-Uere Hunting Reserve and a mother of four.

Will you take one minute to thank wildlife heroes like Kubate in honor of World Ranger Day? We want to send 20,000 notes of gratitude from wildlife lovers like you. Add your name today!

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