Pangolins are running out of time

Pledge to save the world’s most-trafficked mammal!

Pangolins – the world’s most-trafficked mammal – are at risk of extinction.

Hunted and poached for their meat and scales – in high demand for their purported medicinal properties – populations of this tiny species have dramatically decreased in the last 15 years.

There is no proof pangolin parts can cure anything, though. Worse yet, this trade can pose a health risk since pangolins often carry pathogens that can transmit to humans. Every time this mammal is trafficked, we risk a new pandemic. 

But it’s not just pangolins at risk – it’s their habitat, too. As forests shrink, so do their primary food source: termites. Pangolins – and humans – depend on the forest, and forests depend on pangolins. We must scale up our efforts to save them, and their ecosystem, before it’s too late. 

Show your commitment and stand up for the survival of this critical species. Add your name as 1 of 25,000 advocates today and then share this pledge to spread awareness for the most trafficked mammal.

Scale up this World Pangolin Day

Hunted for their scales. Driven out by habitat destruction. Africa’s pangolins are on the brink of extinction. Pledge to be a pangolin protector and scale up our efforts to save them!

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