Grevy's zebras are running out of options. Add your name to change that.

Their homes are steadily shrinking, their water and food supplies are becoming scarcer, and droughts compound these threats. Grevy's zebras are running out of options to stay alive.

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Grevy's zebras were once widespread across the Horn of Africa, but their numbers were decimated by escalating habitat loss and lack of quality rangeland. Fewer than 3,000 of these endangered zebras remain today.

That's not all. They also struggle to survive in competition for resources with people and livestock. With water already so scarce in key areas, their numbers are dwindling due to horrific droughts.

These iconic animals are running out of options, but we can change that – together. Become one of 50,000 wildlife advocates to fight for Grevy's zebras right now. Add your name.

They're facing threats of all stripes. It's time to save Grevy's zebras!

Habitat loss. Dwindling resources. Droughts. Grevy's zebras can't catch a break. Pledge to save them from extinction – all it takes is a second.

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