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Blue Pacific Flavors x African Wildlife Foundation 

Blue Pacific Flavors (BPF) is partnering with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) to protect wildlife and wild lands specifically in the Mkomazi-Tsavo landscape. As part of this partnership, BPF is launching Kilimanjaro Pure Vanilla Extract (KPVE) and will be donating 3% of net sales for KPVE and 5% of net sales for products that use at least 25% KPVE.

The Tsavo-Mkomazi landscape is an important transboundary conservation area which covers an area of 42,000km2 spanning across southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, and is home to approximately 1,600,000 people. The Tsavo-Mkomazi landscape is an important transboundary conservation area that contains critical habitats and wildlife corridors, and is home to approximately 12,866 elephants (one of the single largest contiguous elephant population in Eastern Africa). The landscape also contains two very important rhino breeding sanctuaries at Ngulia (Tsavo West) and Mkomazi National Parks. BPF’s support will invest in conservation efforts in Mkomazi National Park. Mkomazi covers an area of 3,245km2 and borders Tsavo West National Park and the Kuranze and Kwale private ranches to the west, extending to the Kilimanjaro and Tanga regions. In addition to elephant populations, Mkomazi National Park is an ideal habitat for Eastern Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis michaeli), which were once decimated as a result of poaching in the 1970s and 1980s before the Game Reserve was upgraded to a National Park in 2008.

AWF has been working in the Tsavo area for the past three decades and in Mkomazi since 2016. Much of AWF's work in The Tsavo-Mkomazi landscape has been focused on training and empowering local sustainable enterprises, rangers and first responders to wildlife crimes; creating a safe haven for wildlife to roam and inhabit; mitigating human-wildlife conflict by providing essential resources like water for local communities and wildlife, and introducing chili farming and beekeeping as a barrier to wildlife and farm lands. With the support of donors like Blue Pacific Flavors, AWF continues to work to:

  • Improve habitat management for people and elephants
  • Improve transboundary collaboration to benefit elephants and people in Kenya and Tanzania
  • Enhance community participation, livelihoods and resilience within the landscape
  • Reduce poaching and trafficking of key species within the landscape
  • Mitigate human-wildlife conflict with a focus on elephant conflict in hot spot areas

Ways to Partner with the African Wildlife Foundation

BPF and AWF welcome additional support from businesses and individuals to amplify the work in this landscape. The following details the types of partnerships or contributions AWF engages in:

  • Grant/individual donations
  • Cause-related marketing
  • Communications and media campaigns
  • Shared value Payroll giving and employee fundraising (with or without matched contributions)
  • Gifts-in-kind/Pro-bono work/Technical and cost-reduction assistance

About Blue Pacific Flavors

Blue Pacific Flavors employs a unique blend of creativity, passion, and innovation to develop some of the world's most authentic fruit and sweet flavors for global food and beverage brands. We are an established leader in natural and organic fruit flavors. With a product line of more than 30,000 compounded flavor formulations and sustainably sourced food ingredients, we have the resources and expertise to help you turn innovative ideas into iconic products. To learn more about Kilimanjaro Vanilla and its dedication towards a sustainably sourced, premium flavor experience, visit

About AWF

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) has nearly 60 years of experience working to ensure wildlife and wild lands thrive in a modern Africa. As one of the oldest and largest conservation organizations focused solely on the continent of Africa, AWF is the primary advocate for the protection of African wildlife and wild lands. AWF works across the continent of Africa implementing programs that are focused on safeguarding areas of high conservation value through a holistic suite of projects that protect land, conserve wildlife, improve the lives of local people by enhancing access to education and income-generating activities, and leverage conservation enterprises to promote economic growth that is not at the expense of Africa's natural heritage.

Help us preserve Africa's greatest treasures.

The wildlife and wild lands of Africa need you now more than ever. Your gift today will go directly to work helping us protect some of Africa’s rarest species. Plus, you will support our efforts to empower the people of Africa with the tools to lead in conserving their natural heritage.

Please use the secure form below to make your gift of support. Thank you for your generosity!

AWF is extremely grateful for Blue Pacific Flavors programmatic support. If you are interested in forming a corporate partnership with AWF, please contact Beulah Erhiawarien, Senior Manager, Corporate and Foundation Relations at [email protected]

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Other Ways to Give

Discover other ways to support African wildlife. If you’d prefer to make your gift by mail, you may download this form.

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