Tell Japan: Stop selling all ivory!

Weak laws only provide cover for wildlife traffickers

Japan is trying to have it both ways. It wants to keep selling legal ivory while setting laws to prevent the importation and sales of illegal ivory. But it's not working and elephants are being slaughtered to meet Japan's retail demand.

Here's the problem. The Japanese government has an "ivory control system" that supposedly prevents wildlife traffickers from smuggling in ivory hacked away from murdered elephants. But these regulations don't work.

Undercover investigations have exposed – time and again – that wildlife traffickers are simply paying off custom officials and others to stamp their ivory as legal. Already, tons of illegal tusks have gone straight to manufacturers with commercial retailers none the wiser.

There is only one way to protect elephants: make the ivory trade entirely illegal. Join AWF in telling the Government of Japan it's time to close their ivory market for good. Be one of 60,000 to sign our petition now!



Tell Japan: Stop selling all ivory
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