Stop the demand for exotic pets

People often want to own an animal that is rare, especially charismatic, or even dangerous. But wild animals should never be status symbols. Exotic pet owners support an industry that causes the unnecessary suffering of countless animals while speeding the extinction of many endangered species.

It might be easy to understand why keeping a chimpanzee, cheetah, or lion as a pet is a problem. But many people don’t realize that even keeping pygmy hedgehogs, Fischer’s lovebirds, and bush babies can be just as detrimental to these fragile species.  

To supply the exotic pet trade, many of these animals are poached from their natural habitat and transported in deplorable conditions. Each wild animal that makes it to its final destination represents many more that were killed in the process – poachers will slaughter up to 10 adult chimpanzees, and sometimes entire families, to catch one infant alive. Breeding in captivity produces only slightly less suffering and promotes the wholly untrue perception that these wild species are domesticated animals.

When these “pets” grow from baby to adult, they often become too much to handle for the owners and are “set free.” These animals normally can’t survive in the wild and often starve to death or become an invasive species. Sanctuaries and zoos can take in only a tiny percentage of these unwanted animals. The rest are euthanized.

Please pledge to never buy or own an exotic pet. Then ask another friend to do the same! You can help African Wildlife Foundation stop the demand for exotic pets!

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