Giraffes are in serious jeopardy. We must act now.

Habitat loss. Human encroachment. Climate change. Killed for their tails. Hunted for their meat. The list of threats to giraffes is long. That's why the list of advocates standing tall for them must be even longer.

The situation is dire. In addition to an overall population drop of 40% in just 30 years, two giraffe subspecies were recently added to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as critically endangered.

Now, poachers are trying to finish them off. Some giraffes end up in local markets, disguised as beef. Others are cut up and their skin is sold as expensive pillow covers, boots, bracelets, and trinkets.

There is hope — but only if we act right now. AWF and the Kenya Wildlife Service are collaborating on a major effort to save giraffes. We need 50,000 wildlife heroes to sign a pledge to accelerate this life-saving initiative.

So what do you say? Ready to stick your neck out for these beloved animals? Add your name!