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You already know that rhino horns don’t cure ailments and that pangolin scales don’t have healing properties. Humans do not need to consume wildlife products to lead healthy lives — in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Close contact between humans and wildlife — both in the wild and through wildlife markets — poses a serious threat in the spread of zoonotic diseases which have been linked to previous pandemics.

The U.S. bipartisan Global Wildlife Health and Pandemic Prevention Act (S. 3759) aims to keep threatened and high-risk species from winding up on wildlife markets once and for all to prevent another global health crisis — and protect some of the world’s most endangered wildlife.

Please join AWF in taking a stand against the dangerous illegal wildlife trade. We want to get 50,000 wildlife advocates to show global support for this critical piece of legislation — will you be one?

Together, we can prevent future pandemics, making wildlife and people safer in the process. Add your name now.