Help us scale back pangolin trafficking!

Superstitions about the healing properties of pangolin scales have made this vulnerable species the world’s most trafficked mammal. Take action to protect them from extinction.

When a predator approaches, a pangolin rolls up into a ball and relies on its scaly armor for protection. But those scales have proven to be its greatest vulnerability.

Up to 2.7 million pangolins are killed annually because their scales fetch a high value in countries like China where many people mistakenly believe that the scales possess magical healing properties.

Legal trade in pangolins has been banned in China. But the demand persists, in part because China’s government hasn’t released an official statement educating consumers that pangolin scales possess no magical healing properties in traditional medicine. We must persuade them to renounce these beliefs and do it quickly – or it will be too late.

Take action now. We need at least 50,000 compassionate people like you to pressure the China Food & Drug Administration into officially renouncing the use of pangolin scales in traditional medicine.

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Help us scale back pangolin trafficking
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